Storm King's Thunder

Nightstone: Part 2

The dawn of a new day brings with it the end to the goblin threat at the tip of your steel.  To the Keep you make your way and discover upon entering that the lady of Nightstone has fallen in the mysterious attack.  Her remaining guards, only four, are wounded, exhausted, and in mourning.  But to have a village, one must have villagers – thus, their request is simple.

Before you can embark on your hunt for the missing, riders appear over the nearest rise and rapidly approach the gate.  You meet them, exchanging words, but ultimately find your way to swords and sorcery as a battle ensues with these villains, found to be associates of the strange woman, not wanting to waste the fortunate opportunity to take hold of weakened estate.  The battle that ensues leaves all but the woman with the strange tattoo expired and the brave Torlen dead.

Despite the party's, now many, great sacrifices, the villagers remain unrescued, nor even found.



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