Storm King's Thunder

Nightstone: Part 1
A Village Abandoned

The village of Nightstone lies near the edge of the Ardeep forest.  A frontier settlement occasioned by the wealthy of the sword coast as a resupply stop during forays into the wilderness to pursue more dangerous prey than found in their homelands.  But the village is more widely known for its obsidian megalith, covered in strange glyphs, and emanating residual magic.  None know it's purpose, but many have come to study it over the years.

Eldon has come to Nightstone, curious what secrets the megalith hold.  For Gungnir, the quest for the Eye of Odin has grown cold, but strange artifacts and a curious gnome seem a likely beacon to attract new clues.  But it is Torlen's discipline and sense of duty that shall drive this endeavor – for as the party crests the last hill and Nightstone comes into view they see a village assaulted, smoke rising, and the church bell ringing wildly in alarm.

After a day's work, you have cleared many of the goblins, leaving only the windmill and keep to explore before weariness took you.  Unfortunately, the Nightstone is absent, leaving only a gaping hole where it must have stood at the center of town.  But a new mystery lies around you – a village vacant it's villagers aside from a few dead; boulders lying amidst the rubble of destroyed buildings and small impact craters; goblins incapable of maneuvering those boulders causing mischief throughout the village; a woman, on pilgrimage, with a strange serpent tatoo, holed up in the Inn; and testimony from her that a storm gathered over the settlement as the assault from the sky began.

You have barred yourselves into the church, keeping watch in the steeple as you rest and recover your wounds and fatigue.  Morning will soon be upon you… 

Our Intrepid Adventurers


A gnomish wizard, sage, and tinker seeking secret knowledge affirming his own non-traditional views on the nature of magic.  Having been laughed out of academic circles he has taken to the road and wilds in search of his answers.  But adventure is not without it's own dangers, and Eldon is ever vigilant against the inevitable someone or something lurking in wait for the right moment to acquire his secrets.

Gungnir Malbrew

A human barbarian recently emerged from his hermitic seclusion to embark on a pilgrimage seeking a lost artifact – the Eye of Odin.  The call to quest has overcome even his deep seated urge to live deep in isolation, hiding from those that have hunted him for as long as he can remember.

Torlen Mornglow

A human paladin and folk hero of some minor reknown in a far off place.  Those tales, however, have a way of spreading.  The deeds of this bastion of dignity and respect, an unfailing champion for those who cannot protect themselves, seeking fairness and equality for all have a way of running ahead of him.  Living off the humble folkish fame of his exploits may not be enough as whispers of his past, the legend of an exile, outcast by his own people is never far behind him.  He guards a shameful secret and must keep moving if he means to stay ahead of it.

The Road Together

It's an unlikely trio.  Each with their own purpose for coming together, but knit with a shared understanding of what drives each of the others.  For Torlen, the company of companions who need his protection is a strong driver, especially as they each have their own secrets and don't seem to mind that he bears his own.  For Gungnir, companions have been few in his recent years, but aid in his quest is more than welcome in trade for lending his strength to the noble interventions of Torlen and the shared pursuit of knowledge with Eldon.  For Eldon, the road is dangerous and the secrets of magic will not be lightly uncovered.  

No, more than threat to life lies down that dark and ancient path.

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